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Ask good starter questions… 

  • A question that gets people’s interest, is easy to answer, and gets everyone talking…
  • “Share your name and what you would do if you had 24 hours of free time with no

Don’t be afraid of silence…

  • Fear my leadership is poor
  • Fear the group is bored
  • Fear the group is uncomfortable
  • 60 seconds feels like an eternity, but is still only a minute

Silence gives people time to think and process

  • Consider asking after a period of silence, “What thoughts are going through your mind right now?”

Consider calling on someone to answer

  • Base your decision on the strength of your relationship or understanding of the person you call on

Absolutely control your desire to make a speech or tell a story about yourself 

  • If you are doing all the talking… something is wrong!
  • Don’t let people off the hook… they need to open up and share