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We Grieve is a community of loss communities

Many represent the loss of a person to death. Others include people experiencing a loss of connection such as a pet, a significant relationship, a job, or career. For some the loss of connection is an inability to be with the people you love.

Why We Are Different

  • Organized by similar losses
  • No more than 12 people in a community
  • Monthly online support gatherings
  • Access to a private Facebook page for each community of 12
  • Monthly podcast with interviews and real-life stories of loss survivors
  • Topical Workshops including teaching and small group interaction
  • Community Calls to check in during the week
  • Access to print and video exercises, articles, and other resources

Easy Connection Steps

  • Become a Member
  • Join the appropriate loss community
  • Socialize with your small, loss-specific community
  • Attend your loss community’s support gatherings
  • Access your loss community’s FaceBook page
  • Register for a grief workshop
  • Check in at a weekly scheduled Community Call
  • Check out your member-only resources page

Our Mission

We Grieve exists to connect people experiencing the pain of loss into small, private communities where they can find companionship and support for healing. We Grieve communities are safe places to risk vulnerability and find normalcy in life. In a culture that does not handle suffering well, We Grieve offers real help for companioning someone through grief. Joining a We Grieve community provides a private, positive place to be real about the pain of loss. In a We Grieve community you are never alone.

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Membership in We Grieve provides access to all applicable loss community platforms for a monthly fee of $14.99 or a one-time payment of $149.90, a full 12 months for the price of only 10 months.

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