Loss of a Friend or Sibling Community

Grieve together within a caring, compassionate, positive, and private community.

Siblings and friends may have deep connections

Some of the most precious relationships we have are those we grew up with, or shared meaningful experiences with over a substantial amount of time. Siblings and friends usually have deep connections, and their common experiences may be both positive and negative. Losing someone who knows a lot about you, accepts you without judgment, and loves you without condition is a significant loss of intimacy in your life. As with any relationship, the quality of the bond affects the intensity and character of the grief.

Following the loss of a sibling or a friend, it is important to take good care of yourself in every way. 

  • Grief is exhausting and you will need to work hard to get plenty of quality sleep
  • Eating healthy food will be a key, and simple exercise like walking combined with sunshine and fresh air will help you physically
  • For your mental health you will need help with how to think about your loss. Tools are available to help you deal with recurring traumatic images
  • Reflecting on the meaning and purpose of your loss will strengthen your spiritual life, and surrounding yourself with a few positive, loving people will provide much-needed support
  • Your emotional battery will drain quickly so find ways to charge it regularly by treating yourself and remembering your own worth and value against the background of your loss
  • Seek companionship in your grief and take every opportunity to talk about what you are experiencing with people you trust

Our loss of sibling/friend communities are organized when possible around commonalities in the nature of the relationship.

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Grief-Based Communities

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  • Topical workshops on walking through grief & loss
  • Podcasts with real people stories and insightful teaching
  • Print and video resources to view or download
  • Community Calls to check in during the week
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