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Missing My Reflection

Loss reminds us of the power held by significant people in our lives. When our loved one dies, we are overcome with emotion. We feel the deep sadness of loneliness engulf us like an impenetrable fog, and we have trouble imagining a future without our person. For those people with considerable impact on our life, there is an even deeper…
April 19, 2021
Healthy Healing parent loss
Loss of ParentResources

Healthy Healing

We live our entire lives knowing at some point we will lose our parents. In the natural order of things, children outlive their parents. We can live decades with this knowledge and still be devastated when loss occurs.
February 28, 2021
The Impact of Grief on Marriage
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The Impact of Grief on Marriage

Initially drawn together by the shock and pain of loss, couples can find themselves disconnecting as the grief journey progresses. The divorce rate is high for couples who experience the loss of a child. There are reasons for this and ways to address your grief so as not to lose your marriage relationship in the process. We all grieve differently…
February 27, 2021