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We’ve created a series of resources that are free to everyone and available for you to share with others. 

We Grieve is Here For You

Most of us live our lives at a breakneck pace, traveling the highway of life at top speed. When we lose someone close our life comes to a screeching halt. For a moment, people around us may stop and surround us with love and compassion. But very quickly they are back on the highway moving at top speed, and we are left reeling from the shock, trying to make sense of the huge changes we are experiencing. With life-changing loss we realize we quickly run out of helpful resources and people to talk to about our grief.


Find help with what you are experiencing. We feel your pain


Connect with others with a similar loss. You are not alone


Feeling normal may seem impossible. You can be healthy again

Free resources to share with others

January 25, 2021 in Free Resources, Member Resources

The Journey of Grief

Each person’s journey through grief is unique. measure your success at facing each one and determine what is needed to move forward.
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January 25, 2021 in Free Resources

Physical Grief

To better understand what is happening to us both emotionally and physically when we are grieving, it is helpful for us to know a little more about how our bodies function under stress.
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January 25, 2021 in Free Resources

Appropriate Expectations of Healthy Grieving

Healthy grieving requires you to express and process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through talking, writing, composing, and creating.
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January 25, 2021 in Free Resources

Helping a Grieving Person

It is not possible for you to “fix” a person’s loss. Refuse to think of your role as “making it all better”. Rather, think of your role as a companion coming alongside a grieving person to help carry their pain.
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January 25, 2021 in Free Resources, Loss of Connection, Member Resources

Loss of Connection

Loss of connection in the We Grieve community is not loss resulting from the death of a person. loss of connection may result from a relational breakup, divorce, or estrangement.
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January 25, 2021 in Free Resources, Member Resources

Experiencing Grief

What are normal reactions to pain and suffering? Find out more with this free activity about how we all experience grief differently.
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Value of a community for help with grief

  • You don’t have to suffer alone

  • We find strength in the care and concern of others

  • The value of a companion when you’re experiencing emotional pain cannot be overestimated

  • No one can take the pain away, but compassionate friends can help us carry it, and find meaning in the suffering

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