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1:1 Support Services

Reaching out for help is a sign of life. A qualified grief specialist can come alongside and help you see from a different perspective.

Sometimes you need a little extra help.

If you are feeling stuck and could use some tools for how to move forward after loss, help is available. (1:1 support is fee-based)

Peaks & Creeks Life Development, Inc provides resources for grieving people. Meet Karl Shackelford. Karl is a board-certified clinical chaplain practicing virtually and in-person in the Denver Colorado area, bringing decades of life experience, training, and skill at helping people find healing. Certified as a HeartMath trainer Karl successfully helps those struggling with the effects of stress, anxiety, and adversity build resilience.

Grief and Loss

  • Complicated grief often requires the assistance of a professional to help guide you toward health and a sense of being normal again
  • I have worked my entire adult life helping people heal from the excruciating effects of emotional pain due to grief and loss
  • We can walk through this together. I listen well, and I can help

Relational Challenges

  • Grief and loss will intensify pressure on relationships and can worsen those already challenged 
  • I provide marriage, pre-marriage and general relationship support for families, couples, and individuals

Stress, Fear & Anxiety

  • We live in challenging times. There is no shame in admitting you live with stress, fear, or anxiety
  • Help is available for those who want to live happy, resilient lives
  • Tools and resources are available and I can help you identify and learn to use the ones designed for your specific needs
1:1 Support

Begin a Conversation

Reaching out for help is not a commitment to a process, it is the beginning of a conversation.

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Your donation will go to offset the cost of We Grieve, and allow us to continue offering free resources, workshops, and connection for grieving people.