Loss of Partner Community

Grieve together within a caring, compassionate, positive, and private community.

Any loss of a person can be devastating, but losing a partner is one of the most overwhelming

This loss is crushing because of the way partners lives are intertwined, and the high level of dependence each might have on the other. In addition, grief may be further complicated if levels of unhappiness are high at the point of the death of one of the partners. In a healthy partner relationship, partners generally meet the majority of each other's basic emotional needs. When a partner dies the loss is excruciating and touches almost every area of daily life.

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Following the loss of a partner, it is important to take good care of yourself in every way. 

  • Grief is exhausting and you will need to work hard to get plenty of quality sleep
  • Eating healthy food will be a key, and simple exercise like walking combined with sunshine and fresh air will help you physically
  • For your mental health you will need help with how to think about your loss. Tools are available to help you deal with recurring traumatic images
  • Reflecting on the meaning and purpose of your loss will strengthen your spiritual life, and surrounding yourself with a few positive, loving people will provide much-needed support
  • Your emotional battery will drain quickly so find ways to charge it regularly by treating yourself and remembering your own worth and value against the background of your loss
  • Seek companionship in your grief and take every opportunity to talk about what you are experiencing with people you trust

Our loss of partner communities are organized primarily by age of the partner.

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Grief-Based Communities

Not everyone understands what you're going through... we do.

  • Loss-specific support communities with virtual gatherings and a private Facebook platform
  • Topical workshops on walking through grief & loss
  • Podcasts with real people stories and insightful teaching
  • Print and video resources to view or download
  • Community Calls to check in during the week
  • Membership in the community provides access to all of the above!
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