Grief Workshops

Grief Workshops utilize a virtual platform and include teaching and small group, loss specific breakouts with discussion enabled by a trained community facilitator. Workshops are scheduled for 90-minute sessions meeting weekly for four consecutive weeks.

Workshop Topics

Grieving the Loss of a Parent
● Monday evenings in August, 2022

Grieving the Loss of a Sibling or Friend
● Tuesday evenings in September, 2022

How to Help a Grieving Person
● Monday evenings in October, 2022

Grieving the Loss of a Partner
● Tuesday evenings in November, 2022

The Journey of Grief & Loss
● Monday evenings in December, 2022

Grieving the Loss of a Child
● Tuesday evenings in January, 2023

Walking with Faith through Grief & Loss
● Monday evenings in February, 2023

Grieving a Loss by Suicide
● Tuesday evenings in March, 2023

Building Resilience After Grief & Loss
● Monday evenings in April, 2023

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Workshop Feedback


  • Juanita Creson says:

    This sounds very helpful to hear about God’s part and the why question

  • Karl says:

    Hello Patricia. I am sorry you are having trouble and I am happy to help you register for a workshop. Which workshop would you like to attend? What is your loss?

  • Karl says:

    I got you signed up!

  • Louise Fritsche says:

    The Walking with Faith workshop was helpful. The 5 batteries exercise insightful and a way to develope healthier ways back into my life. It helped connecting with others going through similar feelings & behaviors. Thank you Karl!

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