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Facilitator Community

Help create caring, compassionate, positive, and private communities to help people with grief.

Facilitators are vital to the success of the We Grieve community

A Facilitator is a trained member of the community given the responsibility of facilitating discussion in the community gatherings and moderating the community's private Facebook page. Facilitators do not teach. Facilitators enable and are a catalyst for positive, safe, healthy discussion and community engagement.

Creating Space

What is a Facilitator?

Facilitators believe their willingness to walk alongside others experiencing the pain of loss is a tribute to their loved one and increases the sense of meaning in their own suffering.

  • Facilitators have experienced the same loss as the community they facilitate, and are at a healthy place in their own grief journey
  • Facilitators have attended at least one We Grieve workshop
  • Facilitators have had a personal interview with We Grieve leadership
  • Facilitators have completed We Grieve Facilitator training