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Lance Giles Shackelford

August 02, 1938 - March 08, 2022


Memory Of Lance Giles Shackelford

Lance was a 1956 graduate of Palo Duro High School in Amarillo, Texas and earned a degree in Economics and Mathematics in 1965 from West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas. Lance worked in oil fields and for the railroad putting himself through school before taking a position with the First Pasadena State Bank working with their computers and subsequently Lockheed where he worked on the Space program. Lance accepted a position as a computer programmer/analyst with E-Systems Greenville division in 1969 and retired from E-Systems at 56 years of age.

Lance loved music and enjoyed playing the guitar and singing. As a Christian man of strong faith, Lance actively lived out his faith in his daily life. Lance’s passion in later years was working his land through ranching cattle, growing hay, and tending a variety of gardens. Love of family and the outdoors were other strong passions of Lance that were evident in his commitment to invest much of his time in extended family gatherings and an annual family backpacking trip. After a decade-long and hard-fought battle with a variety of cancers, Lance passed peacefully in his home. Lance’s fingerprints are on all who knew him and have forever been impacted by his life.

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  • March 21, 2023

    Lance was a cool cucumber. It didn't seem like anything upset him. If it did, he barely showed it. i have many memories of Lance. I guess the one that really impressed me was how he accepted us "know it all" teenagers when we became "husbands, dads" etc and realized we didn't know it all. He would talk and treat you like the adult that you now were. He became a friend, not just the parent of one of your closest friends. Great man that I truly miss.

  • March 06, 2023

    Since my Dad passed I have come to appreciate all the things he taught me. I have so many amazing memories, but teaching me to play baseball, play guitar, fix and repair all kinds of things, love the outdoors, and work hard were some of my favorites. I love and appreciate him and will never forget the impact he has made on my life.


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