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When a participant in the group dominates discussion, responds or reacts to every comment, or attempts to guide or control the group.


1) Maintain control of the group

  • Do not allow the overpowering group member to have control of the group
  • Carefully re-direct the discussion to allow other group members to participate

2) Continue to review the community guidelines

  • Read or summarize the small group rules at the beginning of each meeting
  • Refer to the community guidelines when a participant is re-directed for violating a rule
  • The group needs to hear the leader enforce the rules and protect group boundaries

3) Lovingly confront the overpowering participant

  • When a participant is overpowering in a meeting and does not respond to a general reminder to allow others to participate, pull the person aside after the meeting and let them know specifically what action of theirs is overpowering the group and concrete steps they can take to correct their behavior

4) Ask for help and utilize your resources

  • If necessary you can mute the overpowering member
  • Enlist the help of We Grieve leadership to join in on the group or have a conversation with the overpowering member if your efforts do not work

5) Prepare for the possibility that the member may not be able to return to the group

  • There are certain circumstances under which We Grieve leaders may decide that for the benefit of the group, the participant may not be able to return